Do you think wearing your own clothes to school is good? Well, it’s not! I think kids should wear uniforms to school everyday. Here are some reasons why.

The good thing about wearing uniforms is that it saves you time in the morning. For example, it might be a very special day and you want to pick out the best clothes you have but you’re running late! You might find your best clothes by the time your school starts, but when you wear a uniform you can just take it out of your closet and put it on in a few minutes.

The bad thing about wearing your own clothes to school is that you can get teased for what you wear. For example, your mom could buy you an embarrassing dress and tell you to wear it to school. When you get to school, a girl seeing you wear that dress could make fun of you. If you wear a uniform, you can’t be made fun of because you are wearing the same exact clothes as everyone else.

Another bad thing about wearing your own clothes to school is that you can get obsessed with fashion and care about it more than your education. For example, say your friends love your clothes and you like it when they say that to you. You can spend so much time getting new clothes and deciding what to wear the next day of school that you forget about doing your homework and studying for a test. When you wear a uniform, you can stay focused on your education and not worry about your fashion all the time.

As you can see, wearing uniform can save your time, keep you from being teased, and help you focus on your education. So that’s why wearing your own clothes is bad!

Dear Murphy,
     Have you been thinking of a debate club for our school? If you agree with me, I think my teacher and classmates want one too! That’s why we should have a debate club!

     First of all, the reason why we should have a debate club is to improve our writing. For example, Mrs. Vilas wanted us to write a persuasive essay. She said we have to pick a topic that me and another person disagree with. This is what I mean: I think that kids should wear uniform but, Kiara thinks that kids shouldn’t wear uniform. If our school had a debate club, then we would be experts on writing in high school. That’s why having a debate club is important!


     Secondly, our school should have a debate club to improve our public speaking! For example, the third, fourth, and fifth graders participated in saying one of Martin Luther King’s speeches. Some of them needed some improvement. In order to improve our public speaking, we have to say what is our opinion of the topic we are writing and say it to the whole class. With a debate club it will be so much easier for us to speak in public.


   Thirdly, having a debate club in our school can help us in the NJ ASK. For example, if our school had a debate club, students may have to do research for some facts in their debate. So while the students are researching, they might find some facts that they may need in the NJ ASK. They can also use their schematas to remember the facts that they once researched to put on their writing.

 So that’s why I think we should have a debate club in our school. Now it’s your turn! Do you think your school should have a debate club?

Yours Truly,


 Do you agree with me?

Dear Mrs. Vilas,

     I hope you don’t pick me to carve as a jack o’ lantern! Do you know me? My name is Juliana, The Pumpkin. I have been living in your Pumpkin Patch for almost 10 years! I am a small, brown, chubby,slimy, and muddy pumpkin. I am also covered with bruises, and if you toast me, my seeds would be the color brown instead of peach.

      After you carve me into a jack o’ lantern, I wouldn’t smell delicious. I would smell like a dead rat, a rotten pumpkin, a smelly shoe, and garbage! The smell would be so bad that no one would even want to  trick or treat from your house anymore. If you brought me to a party, the guests would try to run away!If you tried to sell me in a store, no one would want to buy me! If you gave me to one of your friends,they’d just try to throw me away!

Don’t you dare touch or taste me! I feel rough, solid, firm, and spiky. Be careful of what you are touching! My stem is very thin and small. It is also covered with thorns. Would you really want to bake me into a pumpkin pie afterwards? Are you absolutely sure? I would have an unsweet flavor, I would be bitter, and I would taste like the worst thing ever: rotten eggs! Ew!

     Now, do you still want to buy me? I know a marvelous pumpkin that is orange and round. She’s smooth and soft. I am unsweet and bitter, and she is sweet and yummy. You can use her leftovers to bake yourself a pie. She would definitely smell delicious. I wouldn’t!

     Are you absolutely sure about your unwise decision of picking me or do you want to buy that marvelous pumpkin? Think about when you’re about to carve me. You couldn’t even wear gloves because the spikes will go right through them. Also, imagine how bad I would smell and taste after you baked me. I would taste as bad as octopus ink and smell as bad as a skunk! So after hearing all these horrible, terrible, horrifying things about me, do you still think buying me is a good idea?

Juliana The Pumpkin
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Hello readers, my name is Juliana. I love playing mincraft and playing the piano.


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