Finally! It was summer  vacation! Now I can get the book I always wanted, it’s called “The Wand.” I was always wanted that book. I’ve been waiting all school year to get that book. Mother didn’t have any time ever since school started. And finally! My wish came true!  The Wand is about two teens accidentally arrived in the artic and they met some flying polar  bears.  So they had tried to go home. Sorry if I didn’t  tell you the rest, I don’t know what happens next. Mother and I went to the book store. The cover of the book was black. The book was $16.00 Now, that’s expensive!

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What kind of feeling do you have about the character? 
Sorry I had't like really made the part two of The Mission. It was the end of the school year and I was focusing on my 100 word challenges. So the return for my mistake, I'll write the part 2 for The Mission . 

A bunny! 

"Oh.. poor bunny. Let me care for this poor little guy." Angela said. 

Angela took home the bunny and made a cute little bed for him to sleep. Also she gave him a carrot and some water. After that, Angela went to sleep. 

The next the Angela woke up and the first thing she did was to check up on the bunny. The Little guy was fast asleep. Angela then woke up Angelo and told him the crazy story she had last night. 

Angelo then turned around to face Angela and said..

"I think we need to name him."

"How about Furry Guy." Angela said

"Yeah... Furry Guy." Angelo replied.

So Angela and Angelo were starving and were trying to look for breakfast also to find their father. 

They went deep into the forest to find their father. While a huge shadow was following them. Angelo saw the shadow. He then told Angela about the shadow. When they both turned around slowly, they saw a..,........


To be continued....

Comment down below what you think Angela and Angelo saw. As I said, One of your lucky guesses may be in the next part of your story.
It was a dark summer night. The night was so peaceful except, the sound of a grasshopper.  I was just getting ready for bed then I saw a star shinning so, I decided to follow the bright star to the meadows. I then realized that it wasn't a star at all! The light got bigger and bigger, and the light got really bright. The light was so bright, that I got blind! The light then took me to a place I’ve never been before. It was a dark and all I can see are just ghosts! I want to go home!

Did you ever remember the time when you wanted to go home but you can't?

If you were that character, what would you do to escape?

What would you bring if you were walking to a dark place?


I was walking through the zoo, when I saw a shadow passing by.  It got closer to the zoo, and it happened to be a black monster that looked quite scary! The monster took the Talkative Monkey. To stop the monster, I used my special ability: shooting lasers through my eyes. I tried to stop him but, I failed. I knew that monsters had a special ability: to deviate into a microscopic insect. I saw him deviate into an insect, which made the monster free the monkeys. So I stepped on him with my shoe. I hope he learned a lesson.

Did you ever have a crazy night like this?
I think the message of TURTLEVISION 2: SAMMY'S ESCAPE is by not ruining the journey of turtles. What I mean by  that is that not killing the turtles. The turtles are in danger and it's your mission to save them. So I'm telling you please save turtles! As it was in the movie, one of the oil tanks broke and oil spread all over the place but, wait! The reason why the animals were almost dying is because the humans trapped all of the sea animals they can find in a huge glass tanks where humans would stay for a few days in the bottom of the ocean. The only way to be free was to let the sea animals free by pretending that they died. Finally the humans let them free! Now as you can see, I told the message of the movie, try not to capture sea animals!

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Comment down below if you think people should take care of turtles.
Yesterday, (Thursday, June 6 2013) I had a field trip to Liberty Science Center. It was amazing! When I first got there, I so a huge ball that got bigger and smaller. (Now that's amazing!) Also when we went up the stairs to the third floor, I got to be a scientist and do an experiment at a lab! I had a really great time there!

In Liberty Science Center I went on a train and it was a amazing! Inside the train you got to see 4 people all over the world that had a sickness and explaining that sickness. First there was this man that worked at the Philippines and he thinks he got Malaria. So then he went to the doctor and the doctor explained what was Malaria. Next it showed us some people in Africa who has HIV. Some then it explained that the government wanted to break the houses of the people who lived in an area that looks like a junk yard but, this woman has HIV and can't take her medicines because the government crashed her house and she had a baby. So the only way to feed her baby is from her but she has HIV. Then we saw another person from another part of the world and he was chatting with someone that her sister has HIV. Finally we saw a man in a subway that was taking about influenza.

At Liberty Science Center, I also became a scientist and did an experiment! I became partners with Asha! I had a great time! First we set up by putting some coats and goggles and we begin. First there was a man who explained the experiment. So next we followed some instructions  on a monitor. We had a really great time. Asha and I wanted to do the Fly Bird Flu. It's an experiment when you mix some chemicals and other things.

Also at Liberty Science Center, we watched a movie called Sammy's Escape. It was awesome! I can't believe that a life of a turtle isn't that easy! I think that we humans are ruining the life of sea turtles! For example: In the movie Sammy's Escape, there was this journey that these two turtles has to face. One of their toughest challenges was caused by the humans. One of the oil tank broke and there was a lot of fish died!

As you can see, the life an of animal/ humans can be very difficult. So take care of yourself and animals!

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Have you ever had an horrible sickness like I had mentioned in paragraph 2?
There was once an alluring princess. She was very intelligent and polite. She ruled the island by herself with something very powerful. It’s a beautiful sliver necklace. That necklace told the princess what was right or wrong. That necklace was a souvenir from her wonderful father. Then she became a queen. Now she was the one to take care of her village. One lovely day, the queen went to her garden holding the necklace. Then several birds came along and the birds swooped down and took the necklace. The queen thought her life was ruined!  

Do you think the queen would survive without the necklace? Why?
Had you ever had something very special in your life but then disappeared?
On Friday, May 31, all the fourth graders had a field trip. This field trip was no ordinary field trip. This field trip was a journey to wisdom. We saw some dinosaurs that moved! We watched some shows but, most of all, we got more knowledge!

Dinosaur Poop!

 I learned that dinosaur poop can turn into a fossil but, don’t worry the dinosaur poop is already as strong as a rock! Scientist calls dinosaur poop: coprolites.

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Not all dinosaurs are really dinosaurs

Do you know that some dinosaurs that scientist discovered weren't really dinosaurs? The type the "fake" dinosaurs were probably the Pterosaurs and Aquatic Reptiles. The name of the "fake" dinosaurs were Quetzalcaotlus, Liopleurodon, (both of the “fake” dinosaurs were flying Pterosaurs), Plesiosaurs, Ichtyosaurs, and Mosasaurs, (those “fake” dinosaurs were swimming Pterosaurs.) Those “ fake” dinosaurs looked similar to dinosaurs that scientist must’ve thought that the Quetzalcaotlus, Liopleurodon, Plesiosaurs, Ichtyosaurs, and Mosasaurs were real dinosaurs.


What a lie!

Do you know that scientist figured what that the Brachiosaurs never even existed! Scientist figured what that they found the wrong information.

The Two Groups!
Dinosaurs were split into two different groups. The two groups were the Saurischian (which means “Liziard-hipped”) and Ornithischian (which means “bird-hipped”)

Not all Dinosaurs were the first reptiles to live on Earth

The first dinosaurs to live on Earth were called:  Archosaurs (which means “ruling lizards”) and Therapsids (which means “mammal-like reptiles”).  After 20 million years, most dinosaurs looked just like an fearsome crocodile.

 I had a really great time!  If you want to check out the website then click website.

Comment down below if you knew one of the seven facts I had learned. 

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